SKA Series Full Automatic Probe Station

SKA series is Saluki years carefully developed a production automatic high and low temperature probe, the probe station has high test precision and super-fast test speed, with automatic up-down material, automatic wafer alignment, automatic wafer center, automatic test diesize, etc, has the identification function of wafer ID at the same time, can be a single point test can also be continuous testing, test software feature-rich, heavily for the enterprise to gain test speed, greatly improving the productivity and efficiency.

Application direction:

Wafer testing of various kinds of devices Wafer and other Wafer performed RF testing and other characteristics analysis of I-V C-V optical signal RF 1/ F noise, etc.

Key Features

High precision and test speed, greatly improving test efficiency

Micron-scale fully closed-loop motion control

High voltage and high current test application

Bernoulli arm support sheet

Small size, light weight, smaller footprint

24X7 hours on-chip detection

Support single point testing and continuous testing

Integrated control system, fast access to instrument testing

CHUCK efficient test system, running speed exceeding 300mm/s

Rich software automation test, precise mechanical precision calibration

Automatic wafer thickness measurement and ID reading card can be upgraded

Leading internal anti - shock system device, more stable operation




Electricity Demand


Product Size

SKA8(1124mm*1111 mm*925mm)

SKA12(1600mm*1660 mm*1450mm)


1.2T, 2T

1. Chuck
XY Travel range

260mm” 450mm

X: ±170mm; Y: -180, +600mm

XY Resolution


XY Repeatability


XY Move speed

SKA8: 200mm/s

SKA12: 240mm/s

Z Travel range


Z Resolution


Z Repeatability


Z Move speed


2. Theta specification




2. Cassette/Wafer size

SKA8: ø150mm, ø200mm

SKA12: ø200mm, ø300mm

3. CDA air pressure

SKA8: 0.6~0.7MpA

SKA12: 0.4~0.8MpA

4. Vacuum air pressure

SKA8: -70~-90Kpa

SKA12: -70~-90Kpa

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SKA8 Full Automatic Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50/60Hz; Weight (about): 1.2T; Dimension: 1124mm*1111mm*925mm (L*W*H).
SKA12 Full Automatic Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50/60Hz; Weight (about): 2T; Dimension: 1600mm*1660mm*1450mm (L*W*H).

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