SH7100 Series Programmable AC Power Supply

SH7100 series programmable AC power supplies adopt linear amplification technology design, which has high stability and excellent performance of low noise to meet the needs of high-precision power supply testing, such as network communication, audio and video equipment, monitoring equipment, and simulation of various power supplies The normal and abnormal AC input conditions and so on.

SH7100 series AC power supply has powerful performance and complete functions, which can meet most of the practical application needs of customers. It can be used in various areas, such as motors and transformers, electronic production design, aerospace military, network communication, etc..


Key Features

Linear output design

Manual / program control mode output function, timing output function, dimming mode output function, surge and notch function

Store setting parameters and test results

Support USB to upgrade the instrument firmware

Multiple protection modes: HI-A, OVP, LVP, OCP, OPP, OTP

Remote input function: input control of 7 groups of memory

Remote output function: PASS, FAIL, PROCESSING, internal output switch

24-bit color 4.3-inch 480 × 272 color LCD screen, flexible and convenient operation


SH7105, SH7110, SH7120

Output Rating

SH7105: 500W,  SH7100: 1000W,  SH7120: 2000W

Output Voltage

0 – 300V

Output Frequency

45Hz – 500Hz

Maximum Current (RMS)

SH7105: 4.2A (0-150V), 2.1A (0-300V),

SH7100: 8.4A (0-150V), 4.2A (0-300V),

SH7120: 16.8A (0-150V), 8.4A (0-300V)

Maximum Current (PEAK)

SH7105: 16.8A (0-150V), 8.4A (0-300V),

SH7100: 33.6A (0-150V), 16.8A (0-300V),

SH7120: 67.2A (0-150V), 33.6A (0-300V)

Common Parameters

•   Phase: 1Ø/2W

•   Crest factor: ≥4

•   Linearity adjustment rate: 0.1%±10%

•   Load regulation: 0.5% (resistive load)

•   Response time: <100uS


24-bit 4.3-inch color LCD screen

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SH7105 AC Power Supply Rated output: 0-300V, 500W, 45Hz-500Hz
S7110 AC Power Supply Rated output: 0-300V, 1000W, 45Hz-500Hz
SH7120 AC Power Supply Rated output: 0-300V, 2000W, 45Hz-500Hz