SG40XX Series Frequency Agile Signal Generator

SG40XX series frequency agile signal generators have a wideband frequency hopping function. The signal frequency switching time within the entire output frequency band range reaches 1us, and the fastest signal jump speed can reach 100,000 times per second. It is the fastest frequency switching in commercial analog signal sources. The fastest signal source can be used in antenna test systems, radar tests, satellite load tests and other systems that require multi-frequency testing, which can greatly improve the test efficiency of the test system. The frequency agile signal source meets wide frequency coverage, the output frequency range is 10MHz to 24/40GHz, the frequency step is 0.01Hz, the signal output dynamic range is -110~+15dBm, and the power adjustment step is 0.1dB. As a standard test and measurement equipment, it also has the characteristics of excellent output signal spectral purity, low phase noise and high clutter suppression. It is also suitable for various test environments that require high-quality source signals. The control interface of the signal source supports various interface forms such as LAN and RS422, and supports the SCPI standard command set, making it easy for users to complete the test system construction.

Applications: Simulating increasingly complex signal environments in radar, electronic warfare and antenna testing/Testing electronic warfare systems faster and more accurately/Fast antenna and RCS testing/Fast production line testing/Fast automatic test systems (ATE)/Multi-channel reception testing / Phased array/array antenna calibration.

Key Features

Frequency switching time 1us

Supports fast linear frequency sweep and list frequency hopping of signals

Maximum output power: ≥+15dBm (@10GHz)

Phase noise <-105dBc/Hz (10GHz, 10kHz offset)

With narrow pulse modulation function, minimum pulse width 50ns

Rise and fall time 10ns

Highly integrated and compact

Support remote control to facilitate test system construction






1. Output
Output frequency range

10 MHz to 24 GHz

10 MHz to 40 GHz

10 MHz to 24 GHz dual channel

10 MHz to 40 GHz dual channel

Isolation between channels


Frequency switching speed


Fastest signal jump rate

≥100,000 times/second

Output frequency step


Maximum power of output signal

≥+15dBm @10MHz to 20GHz

≥+13dBm @20GHz to 24GHz

Minimum power of output signal


Minimum power adjustment step


Power accuracy

≤±1.3dBm @-20dBm or above

≤±1.5dBm @-20dBm~-65dBm

≤±1.3dBm @-65dBm or less

Phase noise (output power 0dBm)

5GHz: <-110dBc/Hz @10kHz

10GHz:<-105dBc/Hz @10kHz

20GHz:<-99dBc/Hz @10kHz

Harmonic suppression (output power +10dBm)

<-40dBc @10MHz~200MHz

<-50dBc @200MHz~20GHz

<-55dBc @20GHz~24GHz

Clutter suppression (Output power 0dBm)

<-70dBc @10MHz~2GHz offset>1MHz

<-65dBc @2GHz~5GHz offset>1MHz

<-60dBc @5GHz~10GHz offset>1MHz

<-55dBc @10GHz~24GHz offset>1MHz

Signal output mode

Frequency scan, power scan, list scan (all have internal clock trigger and external trigger switching modes).

2. Pulse Modulation

On-off ratio: >70dB

Response time: ≤10ns

External pulse input

Input characteristics: DC coupled

Input impedance: high impedance

Level logic: 3.3V-CMOS

Internal pulse generator

Pulse rate: 0.1Hz~10MHz

Pulse width: 50ns~10s

Pulse period: 100ns~10s

Resolution: 5ns

Level logic: 3.3V-CMOS

Support pulse sequence output.

Support external trigger pulse generation (single pulse, pulse sequence).

3. Reference
Internal reference frequency


Internal reference frequency accuracy


Internal reference frequency stability

±2e-8  0℃~+50℃

Internal reference output power


Reference phase noise
≤-125dBc/Hz  @10Hz

≤-140dBc/Hz  @100Hz

≤-150dBc/Hz  @1KHz

≤-155dBc/Hz  @10KHz

≤-155dBc/Hz  @100KHz

With internal and external reference switching function.

External reference input power


4. Environment
Operating temperature

0℃ to +55℃

Relative humidity

20% to 80% (+30℃)

5. Interface
RF output

2.92mm panel connector, output impedance 50Ω

Internal pulse output


Internal pulse input


Internal reference output


External pulse input


Control interface

RJ-45 (TCP/IP over Ethernet )/RS422

6. General
Power supply







3 years

Main machine

Module No. Item Description
SG4024A Frequency Agile Signal Generator 10 MHz to 24 GHz
SG4040A Frequency Agile Signal Generator 10 MHz to 40 GHz
SG4024D Frequency Agile Signal Generator 10 MHz to 24 GHz dual channel
SG4040D Frequency Agile Signal Generator 10 MHz to 40 GHz dual channel

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