SFA Series Failure Analysis Probe Station

SFA series probe bench is a kind of measuring equipment specially designed for failure analysis laboratory. It has optical characteristic, laser characteristic, stable equipment structure, excellent system performance, ergonomic design, convenient operation, support multi-function upgrade, and rich and complete product functions.

Application direction:

Chip Failure Analysis AT room temperature and high and low temperature rf device Failure analysis MATERIAL/device IV/CV characteristic test and Failure analysis Chip internal circuit/electrode /PAD test IC/ panel internal circuit modification/layer removal.

Key Features

Failure analysis

Chip hot spot detection by liquid crystal

Laser cut ,ablation and selectively remove

Applicable to the internal line modification / repair of the IC/LCD panel

Up to 12-inch wafer testing

Comfortable large handle, Driver Screws: Zero back lash

Internal circuit/ electrode/ PAD probe

RF Devices characteristic

IV / CV characteristic test and failure analysis of Materials / Devices

Laser minimum machining size 1*1μm




Electricity Demand

220VC, 50~60Hz

Weight (about)

SFA-8: 260KG

SFA-8-SC: 280KG

1. Chuck
Size & Rotation Angle

8″, 360° Rotation

X-Y Moving Range

8″ * 8″

Moving Resolution


Sample fixed mode

Vacuum adsorption

Electrical Design

Chuck Surface is Electrical Floating with Banana plug adapter, can be used as a backside electrode.

2. Platen





SFA-8: U shape Platen, 10 micropositioners available

SFA-8-SC: O shape Platen, 12 micropositioners available

Travel & adjustment mode

Platen can be quickly lifted up and down 6mm with automatic locking function, Platen can be fine tuned up and down 25mm precisely with 1μm resolution

3. Microscope
Moving Range

SFA-8: X-Y: 2″ * 2″, Z: 50.8mm

SFA-8-SC: X-Y: 1″ * 1″, Z: 50.8mm



CCD Pixel

50W (Analog) / 200W (Digital) / 500W (Digital)

4. Micropositioner
X-Y-Z Moving Range

12mm-12mm-12mm / 8mm-8mm-8mm

Mechanical resolution

2μm / 0.7μm / 0.1μm

Current Leakage Accuracy
Coaxial 1pA/V @ 25 ℃; Three shaft 100fA/V @ 25 ℃; Triaxial 10pA@3kv @25°C.
Test conditions: dry environment for grounding shield (air dew point lower than – 40 ° C)
Cable Connectors

Banana head / Crocodile clip /  Coaxial / Triaxial


SFA-8: 960mm*850mm*1500mm (L*W*H)

SFA-8-SC: 880mm*860mm*1550mm (L*W*H)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SFA-8 Integrated Manual Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 260kg; Dimension: 960mm*850mm*1500mm (L*W*H).
SFA-8-SC Integrated Manual Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 280kg; Dimension: 880mm*860mm*1550mm (L*W*H).

Optional Accessories

Module No. Item
SFA01 Chuck fast pull-out mechanism
SFA02 Hot spot detection by liquid crystal package
SFA03 High voltage / high current test suite
SFA04 Hot chuck
SFA05 Shielding box
SFA06 Special adapter
SFA07 Vibration free table
SFA08 Gold-plated chuck
SFA09 Coaxial / Triaxial chuck
SFA10 Chuck Z quickly lifting and lowering and fine adjustment selection
SFA11 Light intensity / wavelength test
SFA12 RF test accessories
SFA13 Active probe
SFA14 Low current / Capacitance test
SFA15 Fixture for Fibre optic coupler test
SFA16 Fixture of Packaged IC test accessory
SFA17 Fixture of PCB test accessory

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