SE4102 Dual Current Preamplifier

The SE4102 current amplifier features a JEFT input stage with very low noise over a wide frequency range. It also has extremely low input bias current, allowing accurate current measurement amplitudes at small signals. It is designed to work with any Saluki digital lock-in amplifier. The SE4102 current amplifier features variable, precision input impedance for accurate source matching, and accurately converts input current to output voltage over a frequency range up to 50MHz.

Key Features

50 MHz wideband for high capacitance sources

Precision Input Impedance for Accurate Source Matching

Variable Input Impedance for Accurate Source Matching

Differential inputs provide better signal integrity

Extremely low noise and low input leakage

Input Current

3μA – 300mA

Coupling method

DC coupling: DC-50MHz

AC coupling: 290kHz-50MHz

Output Voltage Gain

G=1 , G=10

Gain Accuracy


Input Bias Voltage


output voltage without distortion


Input Leakage Current


Input Voltage Noise

5 nV/√Hz

Common Mode Voltage Range

-9 V to 7 V

Power Supply


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SE4102 Dual Current Preamplifier DC-50MHz; 2 channels

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