SE1300 Series Module Lock-In Amplifier

SE1300 series module lock-in amplifier is the latest core technology product, and it is a measuring instrument with high performance and high-cost performance. Based on digital modulation, output filter and high-precision 24-bit digital-to-analog converter (ADC), the new Zynq architecture can accurately and quickly measure the effective signal components submerged in large noise. Moreover, SE1300 series module lock-in amplifiers can simultaneously measure the amplitude and phase information of the input signal and are comparable to the top technologies in the same industry in the world in terms of core parameters such as measurement accuracy, operating frequency range, signal-to-noise ratio, and dynamic reserve. At the same time, functions such as multi-harmonic measurement, oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer have been newly developed, so that the functions of SE1300 series can meet various scientific research and industrial purposes.

Key Features

DC to 100/500 kHz

Time constant 1us to 3ks

5nV/√Hz input noise

Up to 8 demodulators

>120 dB dynamic reserve

1nV to 5V full-scale sensitivity

Scope, Spectrum Analyze

Small size, Easy integration

  • Software Interface

    • SE1300 series module lock-in amplifier has shortcut graphic buttons and rich graphic operation functions.
    • In addition, this software has clear numerical display and waveform display functions and can display measurement data in real time.
    • The measurement results can be exported and saved in excel format for subsequent analysis by professional software. Handy.
    • What’s more, we provide full support for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW application programming interfaces (APIs).
1. Signal Channel
Voltage Input Mode

Single-ended or Differential

Full-scale Sensitivity

1 nV to 5 V in a 1-2-5 sequence

Current Input

106  V/A


Voltage: 10 MΩ // 10 pF, AC or DC coupled

Current: 1 kΩ to virtual ground


> 70 dB to 10 kHz, decreasing by 6 dB/oct

Dynamic Reserve

> 120 dB

Gain Accuracy

0.5% typ, 1% max

Voltage Noise

5 nV/√Hz at 997 Hz

Current Noise

260 fA/√Hz at 997 Hz

2.Reference Channel

Frequency range:  1 uHz to 100/500 kHz

Reference input: Square or Sine

Input impedance: 10 MΩ


Resolution: 1 µdeg

Absolute phase error: < 1 deg

Relative phase error: < 0.001 deg

Orthogonality: 90° ± 0.001°

Phase noise: (Internal ref.) Synthesized, <0.0001° rms at 1 kHz;  (External ref.) 0.005° rms at 1 kHz (100 ms time constant, 12 dB/oct)

Drift: <0.01°/℃ below 10 kHz, <0.1°/℃ above 10 kHz

Harmonic Detection

2F, 3F, …nF to 100/500 kHz  (n<65,535)

Acquisition Time

Internal ref.: instantaneous acquisition

External ref.: (3 cycles + 5 ms) or 40 ms, whichever is larger

3. Demodulator



Digital output: no zero drift on all setting

Display: no zero drift on all setting

Analog output: <5 ppm/℃ for all dynamic reserve settings

Harmonic Rejection

-90 dB

Time Constant

1 µs to 3 ks (<200 Hz)

(6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 dB/oct rolloff)

Synchronous Filters

Effective below 1 kHz and steeper than 18 dB/oct

4. Internal Oscillator

Range: 1 mHz to 100/500 kHz

Accuracy: 2 ppm + 10 µHz

Resolution: 1 uHz


-70 dBc


100 nVrms to 5 Vrms

10nVrms Resolution




100 ppm/℃

Sine Output

Sine signal output impedance is 50Ω

TTL Synchronous

5V TTL/CMOS level


output impedance 200Ω

5. Communication Interfaces


Network interface: Isolated 1000Mbps RJ45 interface

6. Outputs
CH1 and CH2 Outputs

Function: output X, Y, R, θ, harmonic

Amplitude: ±10 V, 1 mV resolution

Impedance: 100 Ω

AUX Inputs

Function: 2 channel input

Amplitude: ±10 V

Impedance: 1 MΩ

7. General
Power Requirement

Voltage: 12VDC±5%

Power: Standard 18W, maximum 24W


180 (L) × 44 (H) × 106 (D) mm

Main Machine

SE1311 Module Lock-In Amplifier DC to 100 kHz
SE1351 Module Lock-In Amplifier DC to 500 kHz

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