SDK-65 Connector Gage Kits

SDK-65 connector gage kits provide an easy to use, direct reading, self-checking, and accurate way to measure the critical linear interface dimensions of N-type connectors.
Connector gage kits are used to check whether the interface size of the inner conductor and outer conductor of the RF coaxial connector meets the standard. Such a check helps in averting interfered matting and to assure proper electrical performance and produce accurate test data and preventing damage to the device being tested.

Key Features

Measure type N connector with either female or male interfaces

Digital indicator type


Direct reading


Easy to use

Connector Type

Type N

Indicator Type

Digital indicator




(5.26) ±0.7 mm, (0.207) ±0.0276 inch


0.001 mm / 0.00005 inch


0.003 mm / 0.00012 inch

Repeatability Accuracy

0.002 mm / 0.00008 inch

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Module

Module No. Item Description
SDK-65 Connector Gage Kits Two digital indicator gages, torque wrench, and storage box

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