S5700 Series Field Comm Analzyer

S5700 Series Field Comm Analyzer combines the highest performance operating specifications and multi-functional measurements such as cable and antenna system analysis, fiber inspection, spectrum analysis, cellular signal demodulation, interference analysis, signal coverage mapping and RF/optical power measurements in a single instrument.

Key Features

Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 2MHz - 4.4GHz/ 6.0GHz

Spectrum Analyzer: 9kHz - 4.4GHz/ 6.0GHz

Test MIMO 4x4 antenna performance

RF, fiber and wireless signal quality testing in a single instrument

TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM demodulation analysis

Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay

Perform traditional RF feedline tests, inspect fiber connectors with auto pass/fail results and measure RF/Optical power

  • Multifunctional Field Communication Analyzer

    The S5700A/B Field Comm Analyzer is one handheld comprehensive instrument by combining a cable and antenna analyzer with a spectrum analyzer.


    Main measurement of S5700 field comm analyzer :

    •  Cable & antenna analysis

    •  Spectrum analysis

    •  Interference analysis

    •  Base station analysis

    •  Optical test

  • Cable & Antenna Analyzer Function

    •  VSWR

    •  Return loss

    •  1-port phase

    •  Smith chart

    •  Cable loss

    •  Dual channel

    •  Fault location – VSWR

    •  Fault location – RL

  • Spectrum Analysis Function

    •  Spectrum analysis

    •  Channel power

    •  Harmonic analysis

    •  Occupied bandwidth

    •  Field strength

    •  FM/AM

    •  ACLR

    •  Coverage mapping

    •  GPS receiver

  • Interference Analysis Function

    •  Spectrogram

    •  Interference location

    •  Digital persistence spectrum

    •  RSSI

    •  Signal identification

    •  Differential spectrum

    •  Signal strength

    •  Coverage mappping

  • Excellent Field Use Design

    •  Rubber protection: rubber covers all around S5700. It will protect the instrument from the impact of bumping and falling.


    •  Easy operation: S5700 has physical keys. User can easily operate it wearing gloves.


    •  Operation time: configures standard 5200mAh smart lithium battery. The typical working time is more than 6 hours.


    •  Bright screen: high brightness 8.4” LCD screen provide a clear view even in sun light.

1. Cable & Antenna Analyzer
Frequency Range

S5700A: 2 MHz to 4.4 GHz,
S5700B: 2 MHz to 6 GHz

Frequency Resolution

1 Hz

Return Loss

0 to 60dB (resolution 0.01dB)

Cable Loss

0 to 30dB (resolution 0.01dB)


1:1 to 65:1 (resolution 0.01)

DTF Range (Distance)

1500 meters (4921 feet)

Output Power

0dBm (Nominal)

Reflection Speed

< 0.8ms/point

DTF Speed

< 1ms/point

Data Points

130, 259, 517, 1033, 2065

Corrected Directivity Accuracy

•  42dB (typical, after standard OSL calibration)

•  38dB (typical, after E-cal calibration)

Interference Immunity

On-channel: +20dBm & >1MHz of carrier frequency

Off-channel: +10dBm within ± 10kHz of carrier frequency

Test Ports

RF Out: Type-N, Female, 50Ω

RF Out Damage Level: 25dBm, ±50VDC peak

2. Spectrum Analyzer
Frequency Range

9 kHz to 4.4 GHz,

9 kHz to 6.0 GHz

Turning Resolution

1 Hz


< ±1.0ppm/yr

Frequency Span

S5700A: 1kHz to 4GHz in 1-2-5 sequence (automode), and 0Hz (zero span)

S5700B: 1kHz to 6GHz in 1-2-5 sequence (automode), and 0Hz (zero span)


10Hz to 3MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)


10Hz to 3MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)

Phase Noise (typ.)

•  -90dBc/Hz @ 1kHz offset

•  -100dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset

•  -105dBc/Hz @ 100kHz offset

Amplitude Dynamic Range

> 100dB

Max. Safe Input Level

+30dBm (peak power, input attenuation >15dB), 50VDC

Amplitude Accuracy

< ±1.0dB

Attenuator Range

0dB to 55dB in 5dB steps

Displayed Average Noise Level (Preamplifier On)

•  1MHz – 1GHz: < -158dBm

•  1GHz – 4GHz: < -154dBm

(Input terminated, RBW = 1Hz, Attn = 0dBm, Sample detector, Typical)

Displayed Average Noise Level (Preamplifier Off)

•  1MHz – 1GHz: < -144dBm

•  1GHz – 4GHz: < -138dBm

(Input terminated, RBW = 1Hz, Attn = 0dBm, Sample detector, Typical)

3. Optical Measurement
Optical Power Meter

Wavelength: 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1610 nm

Dynamic Range: -50dBm to +27dBm

Accuracy: ± 0.25dB

Resolution: 0.01 dBm, mW, uW, nW


Output Power: 10mW

Connector: FC/PC


8.4 inch TFT LCD touch screen (800*600),

Data Storage

Internal: 1GB, >2000 saved measurement files

External: Limited by size of USB flash drive


258 (H) × 173 (W) × 74 (D)mm




Li-ion, 11.1V, 5200mAh

Operation Time

•  >6 hrs, continuous; 8hrs, idle (CA mode)

•  >4 hrs, continuous; 8hrs, idle (SA mode)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S5700A Field Comm Analzyer 9 kHz to 4.4 GHz
S5700B Field Comm Analzyer 9 kHz to 6.0 GHz


Module No. Item Description
S5700-01 RF Power Meter (Software) Providing true RMS measurements with accurate measurements for both CW and complex digitally modulated signals.
S5700-02 In-line Bi-Directional RF High Power Sensor 300MHz to 4GHz, 2mW to 150W, N(f), 50Ω
S5700-03 Terminal RF Power Sensor 1MHz to 6GHz, -30dBm to +20dBm, N(m), 50Ω
S5700-04 Interference Locatiton Analysis Add Spectrogram, RSSI, Signal ID, Signal Strength, Interference Location Mapping, Delta Spectrum and DPS measurement applications to the spectrum analyzer. (Need directional log periodic antenna, option 13-17)
S5700-05 Signal Coverage Mapping Allowing users to map RSSI and ACPR measurements. (Need option S5800-06)
S5700-06 GPS Module (USB) /
S5700-07 Signal Analysis LTE, WCDMA, TDSCDMA, GSM, CDMA
S5700-08 GPS Module (Internal Built-in) /
S5700-09 Optical Power Meter and VFL Using for all optical power measurements, such as optical fiber loss measurement and optical device performance evaluation.
S5700-10 802.11 A/B/G WiFi Module Internal built-in
S5700-11 2-Port Transmission Measurement Providing the capability to perform 2-port measurements.
S5700-12 Channel Scanner /
S5700-13 Directional Active Log Periodic Antenna Frequency range: 9kHz to 20MHz
S5700-14 Directional Active Log Periodic Antenna Frequency range: 20MHz to 200MHz
S5700-15 Directional Active Log Periodic Antenna Frequency range: 200MHz to 500MHz
S5700-16 Directional Active Log Periodic Antenna Frequency range: 500MHz to 3GHz
S5700-17 Directional Active Log Periodic Antenna Frequency range: 500MHz to 8GHz
S5800-18 Antenna Handle with GPS and Electronics Compass /

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