S43180 Series Frequency Counter

S43180 series high-precision frequency counter is a high-precision frequency measurement instrument. It has a frequency measurement resolution of 10 bits per second. The whole machine scheme adopts countdown technology and digital interpolation technology to realize the high-precision measurement of the instrument. It has measurement functions such as frequency, period, frequency ratio and powerful mathematical statistics operations (maximum value, minimum value, average value, PPM, standard deviation, Allan variance).

S43180 series has reliable performance, complete functions, high measurement accuracy, wide frequency measurement range, high sensitivity, large dynamic range, high cost performance and easy to use. It is especially suitable for frequency measurement in scientific research and measurement fields such as aerospace, crystal oscillators, and components.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

High frequency resolution, especially suitable for 3GHz, 5.8GHz communication production use

Channel A frequency up to 225MHz, maximum measurement frequency up to 16GHz

Apply high performance CPU, LSland CPLD device, high reliability

Automatic limit testing and math calculation for frequency measurement

Statistics (include mean, maximum, minimum, delta, rel, PPM, standard deviations, Allan variance) for frequency measurement

Save up to 9 different instrument measurement setups

Standard RS232 and Centronics standard printer interface, optional GPIB interface

VFD display, appearance graceful, compact, and operation comfortable

Frequency Range

Channel A: DC – 225MHz

Channel B: 200MHz – 1.5GHz/ 2.5GHz/ 3GHz/ 6GHz/ 9GHz

Channel C: 6GHz – 12.4GHz/ 16GHz


Measurement: frequency, period, frequency ratio

Analyse: extreme calculate, mean, maximum, minimum, delta, absolute deviation, relative deviatio(PPM), stand deviation, Allan variance

Dynamic Range

40mVrms to ±5V(AC+DC)

Frequency Resolution

10 digits/second

Input Impedance

Channel 1: 1MΩ or 50Ω, AC or DC

Channel 2&3: 50Ω, AC

Low Pass Filter


Input Attenuation

×1 or ×10

External Time Base

5MHz or 10MHz

Trigger Mode

Rising edge or falling edge

Trigger Level

-5V to +5V any setting

Aging Rate

1×10-9 / day


Standard RS232/Centronic standard printer interface, optional GPIB interface


255 (W) × 100 (H) × 370 (D) mm


About 2.5kg

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S43180 Frequency Counter Channel A: DC-225MHz


Module No. Item Description
S43180-01 1.5 GHz input channel Channel B: 200MHz-1.5GHz
S43180-02 2.5 GHz input channel Channel B: 200MHz-2.5GHz
S43180-03 3 GHz input channel Channel B: 200MHz-3GHz
S43180-04 6 GHz input channel Channel B: 200MHz-6GHz
S43180-05 9 GHz input channel Channel B: 200MHz-9GHz
S43180-06 12.4 GHz input channel Channel C: 6GHz-12.4GHz
S43180-07 16 GHz input channel Channel C: 6GHz-16GHz
S43180-08 Crystal Oscillator Option High-stability and Constant- temperature Crystal Oscillator 1×10-9/day
S43180-09 Crystal Oscillator Option High-stability and Constant- temperature Crystal Oscillator 5×10-10/day
S43180-10 IEEE488 general interface /
S43180-11 USB general serial interface /
S43180-12 Test cable Type N, for option 04, 05, 06, 07
S43180-13 Battery continuous operation time ≥4h, charging time ≥5h

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