S-LCVD Series Laser Repair System

S-LCVD laser repair equipment is mainly an automatic repair equipment designed for the poor process and defects of LCD display. With the leading machine vision system of saluki as the core, LCVD laser repair equipment can provide high-precision repair and low-cost solutions for the defects of LCD finished products and semi-finished products, so as to improve the business efficiency of enterprises to a greater extent.

Application direction:

TFT-LCD and OLED Array Panel circuit open and short circuit repair,Mask defect repair.

Key Features

Stable laser repair results

Ultrafast laser repair speed

Linear Motor platform with 0.1μm Resolution

Minimal damage

Laser precision 1μm

Feature-rich software

Repair shape can be edited arbitrary

Automatic AOI defect location

Multi-station design

Automatic panel exchange




Electricity Demand

380V, 50Hz,3Phase, approx.40AMax
380V, 50Hz, 3Phase, approx.60A Max


S-LCVD-G6: W: 2850mm*L: 2500mm*H: 2500mm

S-LCVD-G8.5: W: 4000mm*L: 3500mm*H: 2500mm

Weight (about)

S-LCVD-G6: 7500KG

S-LCVD-G8.5: 10500KG

1. Gantry
X-Y move range

S-LCVD-G6: 1500 * 1850 * 58mm,

S-LCVD-G8.5: 2500 * 2200 * 58mm

X-Y resolution (minimum movement)


X-Y velocity

0~400mm/s adjustable

Z velocity

0~2mm/s Adjustable

Z resolution (minimum movement)


Repeatability accuracy


Repair alignment accuracy


2. Microscope

50X~ 1000X


5X,10X, 20X, 50X NIR, 50X, UV, 50X NUV Objects

Optical resolution


Objective switching speed


Switching lens deviation

Less than 3μm


Laser auto focus

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S-LCVD-G6 LCVD Panel Laser Repair System Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 7500 kg; Dimension: W: 2850mm*L: 2500mm*H: 2500mm.
S-LCVD-G8.5 LCVD Panel Laser Repair System Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 10500 kg; Dimension: W: 4000mm*L: 3500mm*H: 2500mm.

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