PS0218 Series Multi-Channel Phase-Coherent Signal Generator

PS0218 series multi-channel coherent signal generator is a low phase noise coherent signal source that supports 5/6/8 channel output. The channel configurable frequency range is 2GHz to 11.95GHz or 2GHz to 18GHz, the output power range is -20dBm to +22dBm, and each channel is independently controllable. Standard 19-inch 3U/4U rack-mounted chassis structure. Saluki’s multi-channel coherent signal source has excellent performance in the field of quantum computing that requires high signal quality and stable coherence of each channel. Highly stable OCXO reference provides excellent frequency accuracy and frequency stability. In addition, the signal source has high-frequency reference input and output ports, which can ensure that the phases between multiple output channels and multiple instruments are strictly coherent and remain stable for a long time. The product has a LAN control interface to ensure convenient and efficient program control. Instrument remote control can be quickly realized through any host system, and the application programming interface (API) or programming examples provided make instrument program control very simple.

Application: Modulator local oscillator/distributed acquisition system sampling clock/particle accelerator sampling clock.

Key Features

Frequency range: 2 to 18GHz

Multiple channel outputs independently controllable

Strict correlation between channels

Frequency drift between channels within 24 hours ≤±1°

Ultra-low phase noise and ultra-high output power


PS0218F (5 channels)

PS0218G (6 channels)

PS0218H (8 channels)

1. Output
Output frequency range

2 to 18 GHz

Isolation between channels


Number of output channels


Output frequency step


Maximum power of output signal

+22dBm @below 8GHz

+20dBm @8~12GHz

+18dBm @12GHz or above

Minimum power of output signal


Minimum power adjustment step


Power adjustment step


Power uncertainty

≤±1.3dB @-20dBm or above

≤±1.5dB @-20dBm or less

Output signal noise

≤-70dBc @12GHz or less

≤-65dBc @12GHz or above

Output signal harmonics

≤-50dBc @10dBm output

Channel-to-channel phase stability


Phase noise (10GHz)







2. Reference
Internal reference frequency


Internal reference frequency accuracy


Internal reference frequency stability

±5e-8  0℃~+50℃

Internal reference output power


Reference phase noise






With internal and external reference switching function.

3. Output synchronization point frequency
Output frequency


Input frequency


4. Environment
Operating temperature

0℃ to +55℃

Relative humidity

20% to 80% (+30℃)

5. General
Control interface

RJ-45 (TCP/IP over Ethernet )

Each channel source can be controlled independently through different network ports, and the communication + frequency switching time is less than 20ms.

Power supply


Indicator light

Power indicator






3 years

Main machine

Module No. Item Description
PS0218F (5 channels) Multi-channel Coherent Signal Generator 2 to11.95GHz 3 channels; 2 to 18GHz 2 channels
PS0218G (6 channels) Multi-channel Coherent Signal Generator 2 to11.95GHz 4 channels; 2 to 18GHz 2 channels
PS0218H (8 channels) Multi-channel Coherent Signal Generator 2 to11.95GHz 4 channels; 2 to 18GHz 4 channels

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