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Precision Coaxial RF Adapters

Saluki offers coaxial RF adapters with various connector types. Our precision adapters are available for measurement and test applications and production testing.

Key Features

Frequency range up to 110 GHz

Mulitiple connector types

Durability > 2000 cycles

Stainless steel construction for longer life

Support user customization

  • Multiple Connector Types

    •  1.0mm connector type —— DC to 110GHz

    •  1.85mm connector type —— DC to 65GHz

    •  2.4mm connector type —— DC to 50GHz

    •  2.92mm/SSMA connector type —— DC to 40GHz

    •  3.5mm connector type —— DC to 26.5GHz

    •  SMA/N/TNCA/APC-7 connector type —— DC to 18GHz

    •  TNC connector type —— DC to 11GHz

    •  BNC connector type —— DC to 8GHz

  • Saluki Precision Coaxial RF Adapters Product List

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Frequency Range

DC –  max. 110GHz

Connector Types

1.0mm/ 1.85mm/ SMPM/ 2.4mm/ 2.92mm/ SSMA/ SMP/ 3.5mm/ SMA/ Type N/ L16/ 7mm/ BMA/ TNCA/ SSMB/ SSMC/ TNC/ SMC/ SC/ MCX/ MMCX/ SMB/ BNC

Mating Cycles

> 2000


50 ohm

(Note: more detailed information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Product List’)

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