ADS2300F Full-band Radio Directional Strike Device

The ADS2300F device tracks the UAV automatically through the guidance of the radio frequency monitoring device or UAV radar detection device and it starts interference suppression and blocking the UAV flight control signal, image transmission signal and satellite positioning signal. As a result, it forces the UAV to land or to return back.

Key Features

Omnidirectional interference of 0-360 degrees

Accept the guidance of the third party interference

Low power consumption, long time continuous working

Small size, light weight, easy to set up and remove

It can interfere navigation signals and remove signals at the same time

Working Frequency

800MHz – 6GHz

Effective Distance


Output Power


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
ADS2300F Hunting Device Working Frequency: 800MHz - 6GHz; Effective Distance: 3km; Output Power: >=20W

Standard Configurations

No. Item Qty.
1 The host (including antenna and transmitter) 1 pcs
2 Rotary table 1 pcs
3 Power 1 pcs
4 Tripod 1 pcs
5 Cable 1 pcs
6 Power cord 1 pcs
7 Control line 1 pcs

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