ADS2201A Full-band RF Spectrum Monitoring Device

The ADS2201A device is used for real-time monitoring, analysis and directional finding of the flight control signal, image transmission signal and navigation signals of civil UAV (frequency range: 400MHz – 6GHz). It can track the flight path of the UAV by multi-station system.

Key Features

Integrated with antenna and receiver module

Low power consumption and long hours operating

Small size, light weight, easy to set up and remove

Automatic detection and direction finding of frequency-fixed and frequency-hopping signals

Working Frequency

400MHz – 6GHz (can be customized based on requirement)

Detection Distance

5km (0.1W, Transmisson Power >0.1W)

Lightning Protection Method

Build-in lightning protection module

Detect Angle



220V AC, <=100W





Working Temperature

-40ºC to 65ºC

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
ADS2201A Detection Device Working Frequency: 400MHz - 6GHz (can be customized based on requirement); Detection Distance: 5km (0.1W, Transmisson Power >0.1W); Detect Angle: 360º

Standard Configurations

No. Item Qty.
1 Direction finding host (integrated by antenna and direction finding receiving) 1 pcs
2 Tripod 1 pcs
3 Cable 1 pcs
4 Power adapter 1 pcs

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