ADS2100A Directional Navigation Guidance Defense Device

The ADS2100A device simulates real satellite navigation signals with high accuracy controls of the UAV navigation system and induces the fight control system to generate wrong flight control instructions. Besides, it can reset new trajectory of the UAV and guide the target to the predesigned position by the user.

Key Features

Guiding the UAV to the any predesigned position by the user

Suitable for vehicle-mounted movement

Compact and easily integrated

Provide unaffected coordinate positioning and high precision timing data

Deception System

GPS/ GLONASS/ BDS optional

Effective Time


Fixed-point Induction

Error <=50m (continuously guidance of radar)

Fixed-point Control Mode


Effective Distance

>=5km (configurable, up to 30km)


Omnidirectional/ Directional

Initialization Time


Continuous Working Time

7 * 24 hours

Power Supply

110 – 220 VAC

Power Consumption

<= 30W





Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
ADS2100A Active Defense Device Deception System: GPS/ GLONASS/ BDS optional; Effective Distance: >=5km (configurable, up to 30km); Initialization Time: 15min

Standard Configurations

No. Item Qty.
1 Control host 1 pcs
2 Control software 1 pcs
3 Guide antenna 1 pcs
4 Transmitting antenna 1 pcs
5 Tripod 1 pcs

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