6433F Lightwave Component Analyzer

6433F Lightwave Component Analyzer is a solution for testing the characteristics of high-speed electro-optical (E/O) devices, optoelectronic (O/E) devices, and optical-optical (O/O) devices. The modulation frequency range covers 10MHz ~ 43.5GHz and supports different frequencies. Range, frequency interval, intermediate frequency bandwidth settings, the minimum frequency resolution reaches 1Hz. 6433F Lightwave Component Analyzer adopts an integrated design solution. Through broadband hardware optimization design, it builds a network error model and uses the core calibration algorithm to achieve one-click broadband fast frequency sweep testing. It is mainly used for the core electro-optical components in modern high-speed optical transmission systems. Bandwidth and amplitude of devices (electro-optic modulators, directly modulated lasers, light emitting components), optoelectronic devices (PIN photodetectors, APD photodetectors, light receiving components), optical devices (optical passive devices such as fiber optic filters) Frequency response, phase-frequency response, group delay and other parameter tests.

Key Features

Calibration is convenient and fast, guided operation process

Integrated multifunctional operation interface

Large dynamic measurement range and low measurement trajectory noise

User data is automatically removed to provide extended use for on-chip testing

Single-Ended-Balanced Optoelectronic Device Mode Measurements

Multifunctional tool box

Internal and external light source wavelength setting, wider communication wavelength test range

Automatic and quick calibration function of light source output power

Structured integration and functional interconnection of light emission and light reception



Modulation frequency range

10MHz ~ 43.5GHz

Electrical channels


Frequency accuracy


Electrical signal power measurement range

-20dBm to +8dBm

70dB programmable attenuator optional.

Frequency resolution(min.)


Working wavelength


Average output optical power range

-20dBm to +5dBm

Safe average input power(max.)

Input 1: +7dBm

Input 2: +17dBm

Average output optical power accuracy


Average input optical power measurement range

Input 1: -35dBm to +5dBm

Input 2: -25dBm to +15dBm

Measurable frequency response(min.)


Average input optical power accuracy


Relative frequency response accuracy


Absolute frequency response accuracy


Frequency response repeatability


Group delay measurement accuracy


Phase measurement accuracy


Photoelectric detection absolute frequency response


Fiber output type

PMF or SMF optional

Light source output power self-calibration time

<15min (Realize automatic calibration of light source output power within the power range of -2dBm~+5dBm)





Power consumption(max.)


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
6433F Lightwave Component Analyzer The Modulation frequency range: 10MHz ~ 43.5GHz.


Module No. Item Description
6433F-404 4-port Configurable Test Set Expand the test device of the four-port model, add the panel jumper, and can independently use A, B, C, D, R1, R2, R3, R4 receivers. Requires: Option 6433F-400.
6433F-403 4-port Low-frequency Expansion The lower frequency range can be extended to 500Hz. Requires: Option 6433F-400 + 6433F-404, 6433F-405 cannot be configured at the same time.
6433F-204 2-port Configurable Test Set Expand the test device of the two-port model, add the panel jumper, and can use A, B, R1, R2 receiver independently.
6433F-203 2-port Low-frequency Expansion The lower frequency range can be extended to 500Hz. Requires: Option 6433F-204, 6433F-205 cannot be configured at the same time.
6433F-480 4-port High-frequency Expansion System Cable Options The connecting cable must be selected when directly building a spread spectrum system with a four-port vector network analyzer.
6433F-008 Pulse Measurement For the S parameter measurement in the pulse state.
6433F-006 English Options Configure the English front and rear panels and The English operating system.
6433F-402 Active Intermodulation Distortion Measurement For active intermodulation distortion signal measurement. Requires: Option 6433F- 400 +6433F- 404.
6433F-401 4-port Programmable Step Attenuator Configure 4-60dB step attenuators for source path and 4-35dB step attenuators for receiver path. Requires: Option 6433F-205 +6433F- 404.
6433F-400 4-port measurement Dual-source excitation four-port vector network analyzer configuration with a frequency range of 10 MHz to 44GHz.
6433F-201 2-port Programmable Step Attenuator Configure 2-60dB step attenuators for source path and 2-35dB step attenuators for receiver path. Requires: Option 6433F-204.


Module No. Item Description
6433F-S20 Frequency Offset Function For the frequency offset measurements.
6433F-S11 Advanced Time-domain measurements Used for TDR time domain impedance test, eye chart analysis, etc.
6433F-S10 Time Domain measurement Function For time domain measurements, you can determine and analyze the discontinuous positions in devices, fixtures, or cables.
6433F-S07 AFR automatic fixture remove option Used for automatic testing and removal of single-ended and balanced device measurement fixtures.

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