2.4TS2 Coaxial Attenuator, 2 Watts

2.4TS2 series coaxial fixed attenuator covers frequency from DC to 40GHz and features low VSWR, flatness attenuation value and excellent capacity in anti-pulse and anti-burnout etc..

Coaxial fixed attenuators are used in absorbing energy of transmission line, expanding power range and controlling power level, they are also used in accurately measuring power or spectrum of RF microwave transmitters accompany with small power meter, comprehensive tester or spectrum analyzer.

Key Features

Wide frequency range up to 40 GHz

2 W average power and 0.2 kW peak power

Low VSWR and flatness attenuation

50 ohm nominal impedance

Custom designs available for other special attenuation value & accuracy

Frequency Range

DC – 40 GHz

Attenuation Value

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 30 dB (refer to XX)

Attenuation Accuracy

•  ± 1.0dB for 1-9dB attenuation

•  ± 1.0dB for 10dB attenuation

•  -1.0/+1.5dB for 20dB attenuation

•  ± 1.5dB for 30dB attenuation



Average Power

2W average to 25°C ambient temperature, derated linearly to 0.5W @ 125°C

Peak Power

0.2 kW (5μs pulse width with 1% duty cycle)

Connector Type

2.4 mm,  50 ohm


Brass gold plated or Stainless steel


Male: brass gold plated

Female: beryllium copper gold plated




Ø8 × 29 mm


5 g

Temperature Range

-55°C to +125°C

RoHS Complient


Main Module

Module No. Item Description
2.4TS2-XX-40 Coaxial Fixed Attenuator DC to 40 GHz, XX refers to the attenuation value which is 1-9,10,20,30
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