TH9110 Series Hipot Tester

Tonghui TH9110 Series Hipot Tester has a high power of 500VA and a maximum output of AC 5kV/100mA, which meets the requirements of high-power withstand voltage test and meets the equipment safety standards of EN50191.

In addition to the basic AC, DC and insulation resistance tests, TH9110 series adds the breakdown voltage test function, which can analyze the breakdown point voltage of the product and meet the requirements of specific customers for high-voltage reliability testing of products.


Unit Price: US$ 4,103~5,173 

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Key Features

Voltage: AC 0.05-5KV, DC 0.05-6KV

Current: AC 0-100mA, DC 0-25mA

Insulation Resistance: 0.1MΩ-50GΩ

ARC detection function

Contact check function (OSC)

Breakdown voltage test function

One-key screen capture and recording function

Rear panel output function to facilitate automated production line testing

Storage: 100 files, up to 50 steps per file



ARC Detection

AC 1mA – 20mA, DC 1mA – 10mA


100 groups, 50 steps per group

Voltage Rise-time

0.1s – 999s

Test Time Setting (AC/DC)

0.3s – 999.9s

Voltage Fall-time

0.1s – 999s

Voltage Wait-time

0.2s — 999.9s



(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH9110 Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR) AC: 5KV/100mA, DC: 6KV/25mA, Insulation Resistance: 50GΩ /5KV, ARC, OSC, Output Power: 500VA, High voltage floating output. Including high voltage test cable
TH9110A Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR) AC: 5KV/100mA, DC: 6KV/25mA, Insulation Resistance: 50GΩ /5KV, Output Power: 500VA, ARC, OSC, Breakdown Voltage Detection. Including high voltage test cable