TH8300 Series Rack-mounted DC Electronic Load

Tonghui TH8300 series Rack-mounted DC electronic load adopts modular design, users can choose modules with different parameters for free combination according to their own needs. All modules can be set up and run independently, or master-slave. They also support parallel between modules, and can also be connected between complete machines, and support up to four complete machines to be connected. TH8300 series module has a dual-core (MCU+DSP) automatic control hardware circuit architecture, which makes the system run super stable.

Typical applications: Power (chargers, switching power supply, communication power, LED drivers, cell phone batteries, portable power source), New Energy (solar cells, new power vehicles, electric bicycles), Electronic Power Components (fuse, connector, relay, sensor), Automated Equipment Integration Testing.

Key Features

Removable module design, and each module can set and work independently

Provide optional modules with a variety of power input

One single mainfram provides up to 10 channels

Support module parallel mode, one single machine reaches 2000W, and the max. current reaches 400A

Support 4 machines working in parallel, reaching 8000W

Multi-channel synchronous control

Constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CV), and constant power (CP) mode

CR-LED test, arbitrary I-V characteristics, battery test, dynamic scan test, timming mode, list function and many other advanced functions


TH8301-80-20: 80V/20A/100W×2

TH8302-80-40: 80V/40A/200W×1

TH8303-80-60: 80V/60A/300W×1

TH8304-80-80:  80V/80A/400W×1

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Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH8300 DC Electronic Load Five-module main control chassis
TH8301-80-20 DC Electronic Load Module 80V/20A/100W×2
TH8302-80-40 DC Electronic Load Module 80V/40A/200W×1
TH8303-80-60 DC Electronic Load Module 80V/60A/300W×1
TH8304-80-80 DC Electronic Load Module 80V/80A/400W×1

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