TH6500 Series Programmable DC Power Supply

Tonghui TH6500 series high-precision programmable DC power supplies cover 6 models (96W-216W), and its most prominent advantage is its ultra-high precision and resolution, and extremely fast voltage rise speed. The instrument has a built-in voltmeter and ohmmeter, which is convenient for users to test external voltage and resistance.

TH6500 series can be used in various areas, such as R&D and design verification common test, production line table routine testing and maintenance, automated device integration testing, solar photovoltaic simulation test, new power car simulation test, and teaching laboratory etc..

Key Features

Linear, programmable output design

High precision and high stability, low ripple and low noise

Intelligent fan control to save energy and reduce noise

Editable voltage and current output waveform with time (resolution 1ms)

Timing output time can be set (0.01-9999.99S)

Built-in 5 1/2 digital milliohm meter

Software control and detection via computer

Comes with hardware OVP, OCP protection

1/2 2U super mini size and output and sampling terminal on the front and rear panel

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH6501 DC Power Supply Rated output: 20V/5A/100W
TH6502 DC Power Supply Rated output: 32V/3A/96W
TH6503 DC Power Supply Rated output: 72V/1.5A/108W
TH6511 DC Power Supply Rated output: 20V/10A/200W
TH6512 DC Power Supply Rated output: 32V/6A/192W
TH6513 DC Power Supply Rated output: 72V/3A/216W