TH2689 Series Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter

Tonghui TH2689 series is a rapid and precise capacitance leakage current insulation resistance tester. It is mainly applied in capacitance leakage current, insulation resistance and aluminum electrolysis capacitance anode foil pressure test. Also it can be applied in the confirmation of annihilator, zener diode, neonbulb .etc and leakage current test.


Unit Price: US$ 1,089~1,430  

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Key Features

Capacitance leakage & Insulation resistance test function

Aluminum foil pressure and rise time test function

Test Voltage: continuously adjustable 1V-800V, and real-time monitor the output voltage

Test Range: leakage current (0.001μA-20.00mA) & insulation resistance (0.01MΩ-99.99GΩ)

Test Speed: max. 40ms/time

Precise low current charge function (0.5mA±0.05mA)

Comparator function to realize the sorting of PASS/FAIL

Large current (500mA)improves the charge speed of low voltage large capacitance

240*64 dot-matrix LCD display, built-in digit counter

Standard RS232 & Handler interface, optional GPIB interface



Test Parameters

LC, IR, Tr, Vt

1. LC/IR Test
Test Voltage

•  TH2689: 1V ─ 800V

•  TH2689A: 1V ─ 500V

Charge Current

•  Test voltage ≤100V:  0.5mA – 500mA

•  Test voltage >100V:  0.5mA – Imax, Imax=50W/test voltage

Test Range

•  LC: 0.001uA – 20.00mA

•  IR: 0.01kΩ – 99.99GΩ

Basic Accuracy

LC: ±(0.3%+0.05uA)

Test Speed

FAST: 40ms,  MED: 60ms,  SLOW: 120ms


2. W.V. test
Vf Rated Involucra Voltage

•  TH2689: 1V –  800V

•  TH2689A: 1V –  500V

Charge Current

0.5mA –  Imax

Imax = 65W/Vf

(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH2689 Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter Test voltage: 1V-800V, including three-terminal test line
TH2689A Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter Test voltage: 1V-500V

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