TH2518 Series DC Resistance/ Temperature Meter

Tonghui TH2518 series resistance/temperature scanner adopts the design concept of synchronous plug-in card, which can support up to 6 plug-in board test units, and realize synchronous measurement between plug-in boards, which greatly improves the scanning measurement speed. Each measurement board contains 16 test terminals, and the combination of test terminals can be freely programmed by the user, and up to 90 resistance/temperature scan measurement channels can be configured. The sorting comparison boundary and outputting comparison sorting signal can be independently designed for each channel measurement.


Unit Price: US$ 2,028~2,516 

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Key Features

Measurement range of resistance: 10μΩ to 200kΩ

Maximum accuracy: 0.05%, minimum resolution: 10μΩ

Up to 90-channel resistance/temperature scan tests

Maximum test speed can reach 600 times / sec

Maximum resistance accuracy: 0.05%, minimum resolution: 10uΩ

Support 6 units for free insertion and removal, simultaneous measurement between test units

Compatible with scanning and stand-alone measurement modes

Temperature measurement can support PT100, PT500 and analog voltage three temperature sampling methods

Comparison sort results of channel, board and machine-level can be output

Available RS232, USB HOST, USB Device and LAN interface



Measurement Range

10μΩ – 200kΩ

Basic Accuracy


Resistance Range

Auto and manual (200mΩ, 2Ω, 20Ω, 200Ω, 2kΩ, 20kΩ, 200kΩ)

Temperature Measurement

•   Temperature Sensor Type: PT500 platinum resistance, PT100 platinum resistance, analog voltage input Temperature test range

•  Test Range: PT100,P T500:-10℃ — 99.9℃,Analog:0V — 2V

•   Test Accuracy: PT100, PT500:0.3%*measured value  ±0.5℃,Analog:±1%Rd ± 3mV

(only for TH2518)

Measurement Mode

Stand-alone, scanning

Scanning Channels

15 channels/boards, and up to 6 boards and 90 channels can be inserted. The board channel is for scanning test, and it is synchronous test between the test boards.

Trigger Mode

Auto trigger, manual trigger, bus trigger, Handler trigger, foot switch trigger

Setting Data Storage

30 groups

(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH2518 DC Resistance/Temperature Meter Resistance test range: 10uΩ-200kΩ, Temperature test range: ‐10 Celsius to 99.9 Celsius. 16 channels, could extend to 96 Channels.
TH2518A DC Resistance/Temperature Meter Resistance test range: 10uΩ-200kΩ. 16 channels, could extend to 96 Channels.