TH2515 DC Resistance Meter

Tonghui TH2515 DC Resistance Meter adopts 32 bits CPU and high density SMD technology, 4.3-inch and touch LCD screen brings ease for your eyes and convenience to your operation. Automation on production lines can be greatly improved by the realization of ultra-high test speed and the signal output of 10 compare results through HANDLER interface.


Unit Price: US$ 1,558 

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Key Features

Measurement range of resistance: 0.1μΩ to 110MΩ

Maximum accuracy: 0.01%, minimum resolution: 0.1μΩ

Low-voltage test mode can effectively protect DUT

Multiple measurement combinations of R, LPR, T

Temperature compensation (TC), Temperature conversion (Δt)

Offset voltage compensation (OVC), Customer self-correction(0 ADJ)

Simultaneously output compare results of 10 bins (OVER, PASS and BEEP)

Available RS232, USB HOST, USB Device and LAN interface and optional GPIB

24 bits, 4.3-inch and 4-wire touch LCD screen, resolution 480×272



Measurement Range

0.1μΩ – 110MΩ

Basic Accuracy


Measurement Time

FAST: 7ms;  MED: 22ms;  SLOW1: 102ms;  SLOW2: 402ms

(Above data is correct when DISPLAY is OFF; When DISPLY is ON, 20ms should be added.)

Test Terminal


Trigger Mode

Internal, Manual, External, BUS

Setting Data Storage

30 groups


10 bins, absolute value/ percentage

(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH2515 DC Resistance Meter Test Range: 0.1uΩ-110MΩ, including four-terminal test cable


Module No. Item Description
TH26065 Low resistance probe fixture Frequency range: DC - 100kHz, Maximum DC current: 1A