TH1778AS DC Bias Current Source

Tonghui TH1778A series adopts a new generation AC/DC superposition test theory to adapt test requirements for high precision and high frequency. The built-in embedded MCU with high-performance can quickly respond to host and slave machine conditions or malfunction and make real-time indication, which helps improve the work efficiency.


Unit Price: US$5,250   

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Key Features

Test frequency: 0 to 2MHz

Provide 0-20A of constant current output for single one

Support 6 machines at most and reach 120A of constant current output

Extreme refined current step: when <1A, reach 5mA

Can only work with the TH1778A host



Current Step

5A-120A, in 100mA step

Supporting Test Frequency

0Hz – 2MHz

Sweep Adjustment Time

20ms – 3600s, in 100mA step

Output Voltage

Maximum 8V

Maximum Permitted DCR

Rmax=Vmax/I  (Ω)

Maximum Permitted Inductance Value

Lmax=Vmax/(di/dt)  (mH)

Range Mode


Control Mode for START/STOP

START/STOP entitative key, 4 foot switches, Bus

Max. current Time for Continuous Loading

Keeping 2-3 hours, continuous output


Fault self-inspection; 99 groups of custom profile management; dual-progress bar indication; Chinese and English; soft switching of slave machine; real-time operation; SCPI command set; simple dual-display computer.



Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TH1778AS DC Bias Current Source Single machine output: 0-20A, need to work with TH1778A host