SPA-V-100 V-band SSPA

Saluki SPA-V-100 is a solid-state RF power amplifier with an output frequency of 47GHz to 51.4GHz and an output power of 100W. Its design is based on the most advanced GaN technology in the industry, and its power output is efficient and reliable. There are also 20 watts, 40 watts and 200 watts in the same frequency band.

The V-band power amplifier is mainly used in the field of satellite communications.

Key Features

High reliability, long life

Wide dynamic range

High-efficiency GaN technology

Low power consumption

Low spurious signal

Input and output detection

Intelligent temperature control system

Built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits

Over-voltage, over-temperature and over-drive protection

CE, RoHS certification

Frequency Range

47GHz – 51.4GHz

Small Signal Gain

≥ 70dB

Gain Adjustment

20dB, 0.5dB step

Power Stability

≤ 0.5dB/24h

Psat Output Power

≥ 50dBm

Rated Output Power



≤ -20dBc @47dBm

Gain Flatness

•   ≤ 1dBp-p (Within 40MHz band)

•   ≤ 3dBp-p (Within 500MHz band)

•   ≤ 5dBp-p (Within 1600MHz band)


≤ -60dBc

Input VSWR

1.5:1 (typ.)

Power Consumption

≤ 1500W

Input Port

1.85mm (female)

Output Port



385 × 250 × 230 mm



Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SPA-V-100 Solid State Power Amplifier V-band, 47GHz to 51.4GHz, output power 100W