SPA-49-51-10 Broadband SSPA

Saluki SPA-49-51-10 is a solid-state RF power amplifier with an output frequency of 49GHz to 51GHz and an output power of 10W. Its design is based on the most advanced GaN technology in the industry, and its power output is efficient and reliable. The product has functions such as temperature and current detection, alarm protection and so on.

The broadband solid state power amplifier is mainly used for testing and measuring instruments, Communication or interference, aviation control and other fields.

Key Features

Multi-octave broadband performance

High output power

Wide dynamic range

High-efficiency GaN technology

Low power consumption

Low spurious signal

Forward & reverse power monitoring

Extremely load-resistant

Over voltage, over temperature, over drive and over VSWR protection

CE, RoHS certification

Frequency Range

49GHz – 51GHz

Output Power

10W (min.)


40dB (min.)

Gain Flatness

± 3dB (max.)

Adjustable Gain

15dB (max.)

Input Power

0dBm (max.)


-20dBc (typ.)


-60dBc (max.)

Input VSWR

1.5:1 (typ.)


50 ohm

Input Port


Output Port


Communication Interface

RS485, LAN


19”, 3U

Power Supply

AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Cooling Type

Air cooling

Operating Temperature

0 to 50℃

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SPA-49-51-10 Solid State Power Amplifier 49GHz to 51GHz, output power 10W


Module No. Item
001 Forward/reverse power monitoring
002 GPIB interface