SFDC06M Receiver Module

Terms and Conditions: The RF input power of the receiving component does not exceed 20dBm (normal mode), 10dBm (low noise mode), When the receiving component is powered on, the initial frequency is set to 1000MHz, Do not disassemble the SFDC06M receiving unit, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage.

Applications: Radio monitoring, reconnaissance, and wireless spectrum management/Multi-wave channel direction finding, array receiver /Spectrum analyzer, signal analyzer/RF microwave tester

Key Features

Frequency Receiving Range: 20MHz - 6000MHz

Phase Noise: ≤-100dBc/Hz@10kHz

Tuning Time: ≤100us

Noise Figure: ≤10dB

Preselected Filter Input: Multiple sub-octave filter bank

Second-order Intercept Point Input: ≥60dBm

Third-order Intercept Point Input: ≥20dBm

Mirror Suppression: ≥100dB

IF Suppression: ≥100dB

Intermediate Frequency: 76.8MHz (Broadband) / 70MHz (Narrowband)

IF Bandwidth: 40MHz / 20MHz / 10MHz / 600KHz / 30KHz optional

Internal False Internal: ≤-115dBm (Equivalent to the Input)

Ordering Information

Module No. Item Description
SFDC06M Receiver Module Frequency receiving range: 20MHz - 6000MHz