SF-M Series Multi-Channel Microwave Up/Downconverter

Sinolink SF-M Series Multi-Channel Microwave Up/Downconverter is a modular frequency converter based on the mainstream standard bus (PXI/CPCI/VPX etc.) that has a high integration, high scalability, and good cost/performance ratio. The RF signal of this series of converter covers single octave and multi-octave, and the frequency step is precise and accurate to 10Hz with a variety of IF and signal bandwidth choices. It is mainly used for wireless communication MIMO, signal monitoring system, GPS, and electronic countermeasures system. Its excellent phase noise, clutter suppression, and in-band flatness data can provide a transparent RF transmission channel to all videos or data communications. PXI/CPCI/VPX are all standard buses that are easy to use – plug and play, reliable, and convenient.

Applications: T&M Systems / Satellite Communications / MIMO

Key Features

Multi-octave RF coverage (1.5M - 26.5GHz)

Octave RF coverage (S, C, X, Ku, and Ka)

2GHz or above instantaneous signal bandwidth

Amplitude equalization and group delay

Variety of commonly used IF and bandwidth combinations

Excellent phase noise specification: ≤-100dBc/Hz@10KHz

Choices of coherent multi-channel or non-coherent multi-channel

Broadband IQ modulation and demodulation (2GHz signal bandwidth)

Internal and external reference switching