S1133 Series Microwave Analog Signal Generator

S1133 series microwave analog signal generator is an ultra-low phase noise, high power output signal generator covering a continuous frequency range from 10MHz to 12GHz, 24GHz, 43.5GHz and 67GHz, with frequency resolution as low as 0.01 Hz. The S1133 series signal generator supports narrow pulse modulation. It is a cost-effective product that focuses on the application where excellent spectral purity, wide output power range and portability are necessary.

Applications: Local Oscillator Replacement / Component Test / Receiver Sensitivity Test/R&D low noise microwave generator

Key Features

Frequency range: 10MHz to 12GHz/24GHz/43.5GHz/67GHz

Maximum output power: ≥+20dBm

Phase noise: <-116dBc/Hz (10GHz, 10kHz offset)

Fast frequency switching time <10us

Narrow pulse modulation, minimum pulse width 50ns

Rise/fall time 10ns

Compact, light weight

Balance budget & performance to applications

Frequency Range

S1133A: 10MHz to 12GHz,

S1133B: 10MHz to 24GHz,

S1133C: 10MHz to 43.5GHz,

S1133D: 10MHz to 67GHz

CW Switching Speed

≤ 20ms

Frequency Resolution


Phase Noise

<-116 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset (typ., 10 GHz carrier)


•   10MHz – 200MHz: <-40dBc

•   200MHz – 20GHz: <-50dBc

•   20GHz – 40GHz: <-55dBc

(Output Power:10dBm)


•   10MHz – 2GHz: <-75dBc

•   2GHz – 12GHz: <-70dBc

•   12GHz – 24GHz: <-65dBc

•   24GHz – 67GHz: <-60dBc

(Output Power:0dBm)


•   Internal reference frequency stability: ±2e-8  0°C to +50°C

•   External reference input power: +5±3dBm

•   Internal reference output power: +10±1dBm

Output Power

Maximum output power:

•   10MHz to 20GHz: ≥+15dBm

•   20GHz to 40GHz: ≥+13dBm

•   40GHz to 50GHz: ≥+10dBm

•   50GHz to 67GHz: ≥+7dBm

Minimum output power:

•   -110dBm/-90dBm (S1133D)


•   ≤2GHz: <1.40:1

•   2GHz to 24GHz: <1.50:1

•   24GHz to 40GHz: <1.60:1

•   40GHz to 67GHz: <1.80:1


320 (W) × 88 (H) × 400 (D) mm   (without protection cushion)


≤ 10kg

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Ordering Information

Module No. Item Description
S1133A Analog Signal Generator 10 MHz to 12 GHz
S1133B Analog Signal Generator 10 MHz to 24 GHz
S1133C Analog Signal Generator 10 MHz to 43.5 GHz
S1133D Analog Signal Generator 10 MHz to 67 GHz


Module No. Item Description
S1133-CL 1.6GHz Clock Input& Output /
S1133-LF LF Output 100kHz to 10MHz low frequency output
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