IFBOX-800B Multi-Channel Broadband Signal Record and Playback Instrument

Sinolink IFBOX-800B Multi-Channel Broadband Signal Record and Playback Apparatus supports dual-channel acquisition, has a sample rates as high as 200 MHz, and a data recording speed that reached 800 MB/s. Multi-Channel Broadband Signal Record Record and Playback Apparatus is composed of high performance ADC, FPGA, DAC, and large capacity solid-state FLASH or high performance disk. It is widely used in radar, communication and GPS, as well as many other environments for civil purposes when acquiring signal and recording it down. In addition, with the assistant of some mathematical tools like Matlab, it is capable of progressing semi real-time simulation experiment.

Applications: Interference Analysis/Surveillance/Spectrum Management/Satellite Communications

Key Features

Capable of long-time sustained recording and playback as a dual-channel IF signal

Dual channel synchronous acquisition / playback, channel synchronization precision error is lower than 5ns

Signal Acquisition: 200 MHz 16-bit ADC

Signal Playback: 800 MHz 16-bit DAC

Capable of achieving the recording and playback of a 70 MHz/140MHz IF broadband signal with a 20 MHz/40 MHz signal bandwidth

Up to 800 MB/s recording speed

Capable of supporting up to 60TB storage capacity

NTFS file format (Optional Timestamp Records option)


Module No. Item Description
FBOX-800B-BOX Portable record-playback instrument platform I7 processor, 4GB memory, 512GB solid-state hard drive
IFBOX-S2-S200 Acquisition 2 channels, sampling rate200MHz, 16 quantization bits
IFBOX-SSD4 Internal storage Capacity of 4TB
SignalBoxManager Data sampling playback management software


Module No. Item Description
IFBOX-P2-P800 Playback option 2 channels, sampling rate 800MHz, 16 quantization bits
IFBOX-SSD8 Internal storage Capacity of 8TB
IFBOX-SAS30 External storage Capacity of 30TB
IFBOX-SAS60 External storage Capacity of 60TB
IFBOX -10Gb Dual port Gigabit network data interface /