S5101 Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer (1GHz)

The Saluki S5101 Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer is the ideal radio tester for laboratory, production, service and maintenance use.

Key Features
  • Frequency Range:2MHz - 1GHz
  • 7" high contrast, backlit LCD screen with high resolution
  • A clear menu structure allows fast and direct access to all measurement facilities
  • Double RF sources, pure spectrum, supply a whole integrated solution for radio and interphone test
  • Impact, dust, and splash resistant
  • Lightweight handheld design with low power consumption
  • Build-in high power capacity battery for long time field applications
  • Optional extensions enable the S5101 to satisfy almost all requirements of radio measurements and even cover related fields

The Saluki S5101 Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer is the ideal radio tester for laboratory, production, service and maintenance use.

It combines radio frequency emission, reception analysis, audio source, analyzer, etc. all into one compact handheld unit. It can measure the performance of radios , interphone, audio equipment as well as testing communication cables and standing-wave ratio from 2 MHz to 1 GHz.

Technical Specifications


Frequency Range

2 MHz-1 GHz (Source 1)

2 MHz-400 MHz (Source 2, ANT output)




Output level

-5 dBm--55 dBm(SWR, Source 1)

-5 dBm--100 dBm(ANT, Source 1)

-50 dBm--125 dBm(T / R, Source 1)

0 dBm--100 dBm(ANT, Source 2)

Spectral Purity

Single Sideband phase noise

≤-95 dBc/Hz
(Frequency offset 20 kHz)

Harmonic spurious

≤-30 dBc

Non-harmonic spurious

≤-35 dBc (Frequency offset>20 kHz)

Build-in AM

Frequency range

30 Hz - 5kHz

Amplitude range

0-100 %

Build-in FM

Frequency range

20 Hz-20 kHz

Offset range

Max.100 kHz

General Information

Dimension (WxHxD)

295 x195 x70 mm


<2.6 kg

Battery Capacity

7000 mAh

S5101-01 Audio Oscilloscope  
S5101-02 Spectrum Analyzer  

S5101-03 20dB Attenuator-50W High-power measurements extended
Connector Type N (J,K)
S5101-04 20dB Attenuator-150W High-power measurements extended
Connector Type N (J,K)
S5101-05 20dB Attenuator-200W High-power measurements extended
Connector Type N (J,K)
S5101-06 BNC/SMA Adaptor BNC/SMA-JK 1PC,  BNC/SMA-JJ 1PC
S5101-07 N/BNC Adaptor N/BNC-JJ 1PC, N/BNC-KJ 1PC
S5101-08 Audio Box Set Build-in Speaker, Microphone and Cable
S5101-09 High Z Passive Oscilloscope Probes Audio input/DVM test
S5101-10 Type N Male Calibration Kit  DC - 3GHz, 50Ω, T type, SAV20207A,  for cable test calibration
S5101-11 Type N Female Calibration Kit  DC - 3GHz, 50Ω, T type, SAV20207A,  for cable test calibration
S5101-12 External GPS cable  \
S5101-13 BNC Cable (80cm)  \
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Spec Sheet

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